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So for those who maybe can’t commission me, or haven’t had the time to, this is a way to help me get the support and money I need to keep surviving. There’s tiers as cheap as 50 cents and goes all the way up to 10 dollars! 

Just enough money to help keep me afloat, and I would love it if people checked out my art blog as well to get an idea of what you’d be supporting!


practicing with sai and also making tileable backgrounds


Heya guys! I finally feel confident enough to open these up. I do answer and and all questions regarding these, and feel free to ask about anything at all! 

At the moment I will only accept full body or headshot feral character keychain commissions, in batches of three at a time. When you take a spot in the batch you may order up to five keychains at a time. This is to help keep myself from being overwhelmed. 

Examples can be found in this link!

In price, the shipping and handling is included already, so you don’t have to worry about shipping added on top of it! 

The keychains are plastic, and fairly strong. Each one is sealed well and the color should not rub off unless you are extremely rough on it, like attempting to rub off the color. 

The price for a keychain commission is only $12 USD! This is the included shipping price!

I can do almost any sort of character, cat, dog, wolf, or monstery sort of creatures! I have many pencil colors as well, so colors should not be an issue.

You can have the option of having your markings outlined in black, or unlined. You also have the option of chibi or regular! 

I also take suggestions for poses, or you can just give me a personality description to work off of. When I do this, I will take a picture of the sketch I plan on using, so it can be approved before I make the keychain. 

If interested, please email me at or contact me through etsy!

If you can’t buy, please pass along so that I can get a bit of a signal boost, this helps pay for my food and living expenses and I really appreciate the business. 

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ghosty doge

There’s a fork in the road in front of me,
At the crossroads of identity.
The Devil is standing to the left.
He says “Either way, they both lead to death.”

And the high road’s steady and steep,
And the low road’s easy and deep.
Guess I’ll follow, follow, follow my feet.
Guess I’ll follow, follow, follow my feet.

commish for porti on IDS




Selling a YCH drawing! Feel free to signal boost if you don’t wan in on the auction~


more practice